Catching Up
24 June 2003
10:44 am

So many things have been happening lately, I havenít had much time to write. Too much has happened now to really write anything cohesive and linear so I think Iíll go with a trusty list.

  • Weíve had a really busy couple of weeks socially. Iíve met up with loads of people, done three different quizzes, and been in only one or two night s a week lately.

  • I travelled to Liverpool last weekend to attend the bachelorette party (or ďhen nightĒ as they call them here) of one of Leeís good friends from Uni. It was amazingly fun and had the distinction of being the fist Iíve ever been to. We had cocktails, saw the ďVagina Monologues,Ē had a nice Italian meal, went to a casino, and then danced until four thirty in the morning both at a club made famous (and fabulously cheesey) by The Beatles, and then in Karenís living room. Although we realized the next morning that the vodka shots probably werenít the best idea, it was fantastic and thatís no small feat considering it took us 7.5 hours to get home! *Side note to random Liverpudlian Man who slapped my ass as we were trying to get a taxi, ďYouíre gross!Ē *Side note to man inside club who tried to pick me up be asking my name and then responding ďWell, thatís a shit name!Ē Ė get a new line. That oneís not going to work on too many of the ladies.

  • Itís been amazingly nice here lately weather wise. Although I have to say, the tube is bloody awful in the summer. Canít they put some air con on those damn things! GRRRRR! Also, Iíd like to send a big ďfuck offĒ to the assholes who literally shoved me onto the ground this morning during their attempt to ram into the already full carriage.

  • We have a new person in the office. Because of this, I was kicked out of my desk and made to sit next to D again. David is the man I sat next to when I first started here. Heís amazingly sweet and nice but he talks to himself which is really, really annoying.

  • I joined Weight Watchers last night and am now on my way to hopefully losing around 30 pounds. Iím really, really excited about this because Iím sick and tired of being the size that I am. My immediate goal it to lose a stone before B and Kís wedding at the end of July so that I can fit into the gorgeous Calvin Klein dress my ex-roommate gave me.

  • Lee and I might be going to Germany to visit my grandmother at the beginning of August. Iíd actually really like to do this for a number of reasons. It would be very nice to see both her and all my other Deutsch relatives. Also, she has a BRAND NEW BABY PUGLET! YAY! Iím going to start looking into plane tickets this afternoon.

  • My Mom and Dad are coming to visit for three days in October on their way to a vacation in Italy. It was great when my Dad was here and hopefully itíll be even better with my Mom in tow!

  • Finally, Iíve decided that Iím probably going to take an acting class this Fall at the Central School of Speech and Drama which, incidentally, is where Leeís sis went to college. After I complete it, Iím going to audition for one of the two major amateur theatre troops in London. The only thing making this a ďmaybeĒ and not a definitely right now is the cost. Itís pretty expensive. Hopefully though weíll figure out a way to save a little cash so that I can do it. Itís been just a dream for way too long. I think itís high time it becomes a reality.

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